«Carbon Service Ukraine»
Quality Above All

About Us

The company “Carbon service Ukraine” was founded in 2007. Our core competencies include installation, production, wiring, upgrading and adjustment of technological equipment as well as whole production lines in food, chemical and other industries.

The Ukrainian market required a strong competitive company for installation of technological equipment, upgrading and increase of production capacities. It boosted the creation and development of the company “Carbon Service Ukraine”. Within the shortest period were highly-qualified specialists engaged and modern high-quality equipment purchased. As a result the company became popular with both equipment suppliers and output manufacturers. More and more cities appeared on our strategic map. Later on we launched the production of non-standard metal equipment and articles for any branch of industry.

We set a high value on our major asset – personnel. We managed to create a team where the general task is the task of everyone.  Our employees constantly increase and improve their professional skills. The company’s administrative authorities work at optimization of the project realization, coordinate its implementation on a real-time basis and are always in contact with our clients