«Carbon Service Ukraine»
Quality Above All

Our Pluses

Having wide experience in the sphere of equipment installations, manufacturing and adjustment we offer viable constructive solutions that allow to reduce your installation time and expenses thus minimizing the whole project implementation period. Relocation of separate equipment units as well as of entire manufacturing sectors is well within our range. Such tasks require elaborate work on the issues of equipment packing, shipping and delivery, with which the logistics department of “Carbon service Ukraine” company copes on a high level.


Based on cutting-edge technologies and our efficient personnel, we guarantee high performance standards. This quality of “Carbon service Ukraine” is well-known to our clients whose number, as a result, is constantly increasing. Within such short period we have installed more than 7 glass, can and PET beverage filling lines, participated in a number of projects on installation of carbon dioxide station facilities, capacitive equipment, separate machines and entire manufacturing sectors.


One of the most important conditions of meeting our commitment — “high quality plus on time” — is close cooperation with our clients, detailed project workout performed by the Engineering department as well as on spot project management carried out by the supervising manager. Another commitment, which is of primary importance both for us and our clients, is obeying the terms of Safety regulations while performing installations. The company’s personnel pass annual attestation and the engineer, controlling and coordinating adherence to labor protective rules, is always present in the area of operations.