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Having extensive experience in the field of installation, production and commissioning of equipment, we offer bold design solutions that allow you to reduce your costs, time and thereby win in terms of implementation of the entire project. We can handle the redeployment of both individual pieces of equipment and entire sections of existing production. Such tasks require a detailed study of equipment packaging, loading and transportation, which is handled at a high level by the logistics department of Carbon Service Ukraine.

Using advanced production technologies and relying on our qualified personnel, we guarantee the high quality of the work performed. This quality of the company “Carbon Service Ukraine” is well known to our clients and their circle is becoming wider and wider. In such a short time, we have installed more than 7 lines for filling drinks in glass, PET or cans, took part in projects for the installation of equipment for carbon dioxide stations, tank equipment, individual units and entire production areas.

One of the most important conditions for fulfilling our obligations “with high quality and on time” is close interaction with our clients, detailed project development by the technical department and local project management in the person of the work manager. For our customers, it is equally important to comply with the safety rules during the production of work. Employees of the company undergo annual certification, and an engineer is always present at the place of work, supervising and coordinating the observance of security measures.